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Some of Jim Thompson's imagery has been around a long time. Besides what was produced during his childhood, the more professional and prolific work started as long as twenty-five years ago. As was noted in his brief autobiography, some of the first inspiration for his work started in the commercial illustration business and won some of his first awards there. You can learn more about those achievements on his Hi-Tech Illustrations web site at www.jt-techart.com . There are aspects of technical art which are interesting and challenging in their own right. A lot of that work has appeared in a large number of commercial and industrial publications that are well known in global industries.

Much of the first showings of Jim's fine art work was more localized in his own neighborhood around his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. He had more shows in and around Statesville, North Carolina, where he lived before moving west. His work has appeared in Future magazine (Gallery section), American Artist, Click, Carolina Portfolios, Videography magazine, AV Video, True Imaging, Computers and Their Applications, Getting Started in Computer Graphics, The Shreveport Times, The Statesville Record and Landmark, and various others.

The recent move to more exposure of Jim's fine art works is in answer to a growing desire to make it more available to those who have been inquiring in increasing numbers. It is good to know that there is already a following out there, especially with the advent of the internet. Much art can be seen, purchased or distributed in this new and efficient way. It is a prime objective now to make this work even more readily available to an audience and market that are growing rapidly.

The particularly deep and philosophically charged imagery in Jim's work is especially evocative and interesting to those who want to venture beyond the ordinary. This means the reaching out of the mind to vistas that speak not merely of a kind of science fiction, but of a more natural and inspiring side of the adventurous and universal aspects of being. We are now all part of an age or generation that is becoming more accustomed to thinking about and experiencing life from perspectives that have never before been available to the arts, the mind and especially the soul.

There is more to Jim's work than what is now available on this site. In the near future more subject variety will be available and may address areas such as Nature, more human situations, animals, cartoons and related subjects. There are many new and powerful mediums available to the artist of today and new horizons of creativity seem limitless.

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Also see Jim Thompson's technical art web site at www.jt-techart.com