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About the artist

Born in Louisiana, he had bayou mud between his toes and was a fledgling Huck Finn. When he was old enough to be a nuisance, his mother would keep him quiet in church by giving him a pencil and paper to doodle on. To the amazement of family, friends and fellow playmates, he could render some very impressive imagery at an incredibly early age. His teachers in grammar school were often frustrated at his tendency to sketch or draw his daydreams during class, but were usually impressed at what appeared to be a gifted ability. He had an insatiable drive to fill the yawning voids of blank paper or sketch pads with something from his id or reality.

As a young man in his early twenties returning home from the Navy, he got his first job as an ad manager assistant in a department store. A couple of years later he became an art director for an industrial ad agency. Soon he built a respectable portfolio of samples from nearly all methods of commercial art production, especially in photography, airbrush art and multi-color lithography. Whenever he could, he would snatch some time to do purely creative stuff. Although he learned to use the airbrush through photo-retouching, he soon discovered this medium to be an excellent way of fine art expression. He invested in some airbrush equipment and supplies and began to produce some imagery on his own. Feeling the growing pressure of agency work on his sense of peace, creativity and well-being, he broke away to become a freelance artist. He soon discovered he could live reasonably well using his talents and wits.

Late in 1979, he discovered the amazing sport of hot air ballooning. He became a commercial balloon pilot and followed a job opportunity to North Carolina as a balloon port operator. He left the stress of the ad world behind for a while to follow a dream. Soon after his move to North Carolina, it became apparent that he was making friends but not much money. He saw the need to reopen his portfolio to freelance airbrush art in Charlotte. It was there that he discovered a more lucrative demand for his talents. In 1985, he became very impressed with new developments in computer graphic technology and got more involved in this medium. In 1987, some of his computer imagery won wide recognition in an international contest. Since then his works have been published in several books, magazines and periodicals on computer graphics. While there has been a growing demand for his work by regional ad agencies, he has limited his work flow in order to express his visions and feelings as purely creative art.

His objective is to continue to open channels of creativity in new and popular mediums such as computer graphics and airbrush. He believes that we are witnessing a new and global shift in awareness of creative expression, not only technologically, but in the dynamic spirit of human development, the dimensions of which are only beginning to be discovered and appreciated.

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